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SEO Services

We offer competitive SEO services. Contact us here for more information and a free consultation.

Search Engine Optimization

We service anywhere in the country!

Starting at $600 per month!

We believe good SEO involves you! In any of the areas we operate in locally we believe sitting down with you and involving you in the process is paramount - it's what sets us apart from hiring overseas. We partner with you, work through what we believe the best strategy will be, and are always willing to meet with you through the process should you have any questions, concerns or need updates.

Our SEO Search Engine Optimization is slow but steady, designed to build long term rank, not short term gains. Other companies may offer a fast track to #1 on Google but "the faster the rank, the faster they fall" often happens on Google. We work towards building the proper foundation beginning with your current website and build towads a solid future with SEO that not only gains rank but give you your best prospect for conversions.

Service Includes:

Website Analysis and Recommendations
Recommendations to changes to website copy and structure for customer search friendly content (5 pages)
Initial Industry / Market Research
Research competitors and industry websites / practices / searches
Initial Keyword Research
Recommend keywords that customers are searching for in your business
Inbound Links Research
Research major inbound links existing to the website
Website Image Review
Research all major images on the website and provide analysis based on the keywords recommended
Website Menu
Recommend customization of website menu and webpage titles based on keyword research
HTML Changes
Proper HTML changes for 5 pages

!Add 5 pages of HTML Changes, Website Analysis, Image Review - $1000
Add 10 pages of HTML Changes, Website Analysis, Image Review - $1500
Add 15 pages of HTML Changes, Website Analysis, Image Review - $2000

After the first month which consists of the research and production of the initial report, subsequent months include:

Inbound Linking and Content Writing - $600 monthly (6 hours of SEO updating)

Profile Building (1 hours)
Profile building (Industry Specific Profiles)
Recommendations for Website On Page Updating (2 hours)
Write and Modify Copy for up to 2 web pages or external blog each month / Install and Generate Onsite Blog Content
Article Reviewing for inclusion in website
Website change input
Inbound Linking (3 hours)
Establish and maintain inbound linking for website / Forum posting / Bog interactions

Social Media Profile setup

Please note: Blog content we write may incur additional fees. We can advise your staff and team if you have someone on staff that can write.

Recomended: Add more copy, inbound links, and blogs for just $1200 monthy (double the hours, 12 hours) - The following business industries may incur a higher cost due to higher competition: dating, real estate, dieting, and healthcare.