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Online Voting

Online Voting

"Our Board decided a couple of years ago to move forward with developing an online voting system.  We gave the idea to Ron Hall who took responsibility for the development and testing of the system which has improved our overall election process.

Bios and photos are posted on the ballot and only one vote is allowed per member.  When votes are to be counted, instead of manually counting 400 to 500 votes for up to 6 different positions, we simply push a button and the results are sent to us.

It has increased the number of members who vote each year, eliminated the hours spent in manually tabulating the ballots and streamlined the entire process. We are very impressed and highly recommend Ron Hall for your website design needs."

- Doris Spain, 2 years of online voting use for her organization!

Online ballots by ezVote now makes it fast, easy & a secure way to produce ballots, send & get responses back, and automatically tally the results. This helps associations increase participation while reducing costs. To see a Sample Ballot go to www.ezvoteonline.com/?VQ=1

Who needs voting? Are you a: civic organization, service organization, investment club, condo association, sorority, NGO, fraternity, country club, homeowners association, trade association, alumni club, charity, church, or PTA?

Online voting can be safe, fast, and easy. EZVote is secure, it's online voting system of user verification assures compliance with the rules and guarantees accurate results. It's fast. Login to view your candidates, options, and cast your ballot from your computer or mobile device. And it's easy, we can help you set up your election or survey and your results are calculated in real time. No waiting for tabulation.

Lemur Technology works with EZ Vote and can help you get your election set up and ballot entered as well as help get the word out to your voters. Lemur Technology charges a flat fee to help you get setup with EZVote, which has a cost that is determined by the number of voters you have. Together we make elections easy!