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    Getting Your SEO Started

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    Getting Your SEO Started
    Many people come to me wanting to 'learn more about SEO' . So here are 9 tips about SEO.

    1) Have a good website. Have a good website. Have a good website. A good website is, in itself the best SEO you can do. If you have a good website, you will draw visitors to you and visitors will share your website with others. People will cite your website and it will become popular.
    2) Content is King. Write early, write often. Start a blog on-site and write write write write.
    3) Reviews. Get your google reviews, get your facebook reviews, have all clients do reviews!
    4) Testimonials: Get those testimonials rounded up!
    5) Updates: Stay on top of your website - keep it updated early and often!
    6) Mobile: Stay mobile and tablet friendly!
    7) Call to Action: Have a strong call to action!
    8) Never Stop: SEO is an ongoing effort.
    9) Patience: Good SEO can take 6 months to a year.
    Total cost on the low end would be $1500, on the high end, $2000. This is assuming you do ALOT of the work, $1500 is achievable. But think, you'd need to do alot of writing, gather your photos, and be satisfied w/the theme you pick to be adapted.