Rescued Data: Windows XP Computer

While a critical “data rescue job”, it was fun to work this one and flash back to the 1980’s with VP-Planner Plus!

Terry Stephens, owner of the trucking company Stephens Carriers, uses a Windows XP driven computer for one function of this highly utilized freight transportation / delivery company. We have serviced this computer for many years but parts including hard drives, eventually fail. When the computer failed with a hard drive cycle redundancy error, Stephens Carriers did not delay in calling us.

“Ron Hall of Lemur Technology, LLC maintains all of our corporate computer systems, and has, for several years.  His service is always prompt, efficient and reasonably priced.  However, when the hard drive in my boss’ ancient CPU finally succumbed to age, I was sure the many spreadsheets containing important and irreplaceable historical data, financial trends, etc. were lost forever.  The software, VP Planner has been off the market for years.  Amazingly, Ron recovered all of the data, restored the VP Planner program, and more amazingly, did it all in less than a day.  Truly, I do not think he can be stumped. Thanks, Ron.   You’re the best and the only IT specialist we will use.”

Kathleen House, Stephens Carriers, Inc.

Inside of 24 hours, we were able to rescue all of the data from a backup as well as the failing hard drive, and reconstruct Mr. Stephen’s Windows XP computer with a 500gb IDE hard drive, a style not readily available, and even a fresh install of his program, VP Planner Plus which was originally installed from 5 1/4 disks.  We worked overnight on this incredibly important job. We took the computer at 2pm on a Thursday and returned it by 1pm the following day.

Stephens Carriers uses modern technology in it’s operations and relies on efficiency to the degree that each returning truck gets serviced in it’s own local facility in Hendersonville. But for just one function, this computer was vital, and getting it back to them in working order was not just their priority, it was ours too. Do you have an older machine that you need data rescued from?  Call 615 878 4480 or drop us a note below!