Rescued Data: Phone

Eric. P, a local medical practitioner, had over 1000 photos of family on his Samsung smart phone. The phone would not power up and could not be detected with various data recovery software on a MAC or PC. The photos were not sync’d to any cloud or backup service…

“I try my best to back up technology, but sometimes you don’t realize how many pictures are on your phone of your kids.  Ron’s “save the day” effort turned my frown into a big smile” – Dr. P.

After a substantial tear-down and transplant of parts, we got the phone to power-up but it still could not be detected by it’s own software suite or USB connection, so we were able to install an FTP app and upload them to a private data bank and then transfer the photos to a USB key, all 11gb of them, for the client.

We all have thousands of pictures of our family, and they seem like a lot until years later when we treasure each and every one. Dr. P will now be able to treasure his rescued memories for years to come.