Rescued Data: Phone Card

John G was on his first short term mission trip to India. He took plenty of pictures but when he got back, somehow the phone’s micro SD card got wiped during the trip back to the United States. All his pictures from the trip were missing. John reached out to us for help. We told him the first vital step was to remove the card and not to take anymore pictures with the card still in the phone. He then delivered the card to us.

“You are a miracle worker..I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help. This is going to help so much when we put our mission trip presentations together…Without Ron’s help we would have had nothing to show the donors and friends that made our mission trip possible.

Ron actually cares about his clients.¬†When I called him i was panicked and he showed compassion and made me realize that not all was lost.¬†Lots of people have technical expertise but Ron is unique because he has a true passion to go with it.” – John G.

John reached out to us as soon as we could. We managed to rescue many of the pictures from the phone’s now-blank micro SD card, so he could focus on the experiences that came out of his first missions trip. If you have lost your photos from a phone SD card, pull the card immediately, and then give us a call or send us a note below!

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