Rescued Data: Laptop Hard Drive

Sometimes in the midst of a life changing event, backing up photos to the cloud isn’t the first thing that happens. Such was the case with Kheri Rainey. Her hard drive was making ‘that clicking sound’. Faced with potentially losing her delivery room photos of her son.

“My computer had a virus and was completely demolished. It happened so fast there was hardly anything I could do for it. However, Ron at Lemur Technology managed to save everything that was on my hard drive…not just that , but he completely restored my computer, and put everything and I mean EVERYTHING back on my computer. It was so awesome…” – Kheri Rainey, Dickson TN.

Shortly after recovery, the drive completely stopped working. She came to us in time before having to look at a much more expensive data recovery solution to save her delivery room photos, photos that are once-in-a-lifetime events. Have you lost photos that are irreplaceable? Stop using the computer they are on then give us a call or send us a note below!

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