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Scope of Work Document: Website Services


Client Company Summary

Scope of Services:

Lemur Technology LLC provides website management services to Client Company. Website management services offered by Lemur Technology LLC are designed to help to foster the following:

  • Accurate representation on search engines
  • Desired patient flow and contact accessibility (for medical offices)
  • Repeat website traffic to see new content
  • Reputation oversight for company
  • Community growth
  • Social media traffic
  • Conversions

Lemur Technology LLC provides website management services to client company:

  • Website updates to each page of the website.
  • Blog entry updates
  • Addition / deletion of photographs to the website
  • Integration where possible of 3rd party services
  • Constant Contact management
  • Adjusting of various WordPress (Content Management System, or CMS) settings to optimize performance.
  • Backup of WordPress website data files
  • Update of WordPress software and plugin files
  • Customization of WordPress website to meet the needs of each individual staff member at client company
  • Monthly and on-demand reporting on website visibility and experience
  • Management of client company’s listings across platforms
  • Creation of patient communication pathway (text, call, email, portal) (for medical offices)
  • General Updates client company’s website content

Total cost: $600/month

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