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Scope of Work Document: IT Services


Client Company Summary

Scope of Services:

Lemur Technology LLC provides desktop support / management services to Client Company. Desktop support / management services offered by Lemur Technology LLC are designed to help to foster the following:

  • Consistent usability of existing hardware
  • Proactive actions to prevent / mitigate downtime
  • Enhanced employee / patient experience at Client Company

Lemur Technology LLC provides desktop support services to Client Company.

  • Weekly remote desktop scans for [up to two key employees] which include manual malware removal, cache cleaning, manual virus removal, and windows updates when necessary.
  • On-Demand visits to the office after Windows updates to reconnect peripherals deemed by Microsoft not supported by Windows Updates.
  • Printer and peripheral support for personal printers, label printers, and network printers.
  • Internet trouble shooting after Comcast has been contacted.
  • On-demand remote scans for the rest of the client company staff.
  • On site and in-office hardware setup & configuration for new and existing staff.
  • Unlimited consulting calls & inquiries.
  • Management of Office 365 subscriptions
  • On site and in-office hardware repair (as needed).
  • Management of hardware asset inventory management spreadsheet

Total cost: $400/month

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