Additional Services

Scope of Work Document: Additional Services


Client Company Summary

Scope of Services:

Lemur Technology LLC provides additional support / management services to Client Company. Desktop support / management services offered by Lemur Technology LLC are designed to help to foster the following:

  • Peace of mind
  • Increase revenue
  • Increate organization operational efficiency

Lemur Technology LLC provides additional support services to Client Company.

  • Secure Online Voting – Starts at $250
    • Current clients use it for officer elections, representative elections, and resolutions
    • Safe – the system is secure with various levels of security
    • Fast – we do a fast setup of your ballot, candidates, options, and voter base information
    • Easy – just provide us with the details and your results are calculated in real time
  • Credit Card Processing – Cost of terminal for in-store
    • Compliant – we obtain low cost EMV-chip enabled terminals shifting liability away from you.
    • Competitive – we can have your current processing rates reviewed
    • Online or Offline – we can provide terminals or online processing.
  • E-Commerce – $500 setup fee plus $65/hour additional labor
    • Custom or Customized – we can set up an existing platform, i.e. Squarestore, Shopify, Etsy, etc or a custom shopping cart / gateway / merchant account seamless solution.
    • Integration – we can set up various platforms and customizations to match your existing website.
  • Consulting
    • $65/hour

Total cost: varies

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