Sell Products Easily on Your Website

Selling products on your website doesn’t have to be difficult. Bit o’Heaven Catering recently took orders and handled fulfillment for meals at “Symphony on the Lake”, an event in Hendersonville, TN. They were able to offer the event the following services:

  • Order Taking
  • Money Handling
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Event Promotion

All from the website.

They also now have the infrastructure and results to market this to other events in Middle Tennessee.

Their business can now grow exponentially and do value-added offerings to any event in Middle Tennessee that wants to offer individual meals to attendees!

Be willing to take a chance, try something new, and in the process, grow your business with new offerings you can make to many other customers / clients!

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The Science of Marketing

Quite often, marketing is considered the fun, creative, and inventive part of an organization’s promotion efforts. Little recognized to most is the second part of marketing: measuring the results of those efforts. Some questions to ask your company staff after your latest round of online and offline marketing efforts:

1) How many people responded because of the Facebook shares.
2) How many people responded because of the paid ads? (this should really be looked at as FB ads aren’t cheap sometimes).
3) How many people responded because of  being given a business card?
4) How many people responded  because of a personal invite / referral ?
5) How many people responded because of a video, TV ad, or print ad (broadcast unidirectional communications).
6) How many people responded because the ...

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DisplayLink on the MAC

The display on the left is powered by a Thunderbolt HDMI adapter, the one on the right is powered by USB DisplayLink adapter.

DisplayLink is a technology many churches and other organizations use to enable additional monitor displays beyond what a computer is capable of natively. USB video in particular tends to utilize DisplayLink.

Apple’s latest High Sierra Update 10.13.4 caused DisplayLink to fail. There is a workaround as well as a beta download that may re-enable functionality for some users.

Check out the DisplayLink website for further details and updates. 

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Facebook Live

Do you want to have an organized Facebook Live event to allow potential customers / clients to connect with you and at the same time boost your brand awareness?

Bonus: If you want to observe and learn from a Facebook Live event that is following these steps, go to for details on their live event on June 6th at 12:00pm Noon Central. Attend, observe, and learn for your own business!

Tips for Preparing for a Facebook Live Event:

  • Determine when to have this event. Time may be trial-and-error, but if you produce this on a regular basis, in theory an audience will adapt.
  • Two goals are to use this to boost your brand and make this something others will share / talk of.
  • Determine the format: Q&A, Product Demonstration, How-To-Session, etc.
  • Deter...
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Doing a Full Backup

Emergencies can happen at any time. Do you have a backup of your computer?

Backing  up your data is something that is marketed by many different companies – ‘back it up to the cloud’ they say for $x dollars a month. These are excellent services for your data. But what about your entire computer?

We recently had a client who’s computer hard drive was crashing. It was fortunate that this client had a full ‘image’ of their computer saved on a backup drive.

An ‘image’ is a fully restorable backup of their computer saved in a format that a program such as Windows 10, Paragon Backup and Restore, etc can use to essentially bring you back-to-life and get you back where you were...

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Networking on a Personal Level

…Building Trust for Referrals

The best networking can be just ‘hanging out’!

So, you’re a member of a networking group and expected to give referrals to someone you don’t trust and have never done business with. Maybe you’re happy with the service your current provider gives and have no reason to switch to a provider in the networking group. No matter how many “one to one” meetings you have with them, you can’t break that barrier and do not feel you know them well enough to trust your customers with or to refer customers to. What do you do?

It’s time to think outside the box. Trust is built by communicating and forming relationships...

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Things Your SEO Specialist Should Be Doing

Every online marketing servicer / seo specialist has their own strengths and weaknesses but to some degree they should all be fulfilling this list as a commonality:

  • Researching good cross linking opportunities monthly
  • Reviewing page content for keyword usage
  • Reviewing page code for keyword placement
  • Reporting page performance monthly
  • Reporting website performance monthly
  • Reviewing and reporting PPC (if applicable) performance monthly
  • Reviewing and reporting Google placement / performance monthly
  • Reviewing and responding (if applicable) to social media reviews (Google, Yelp, Facebook).
  • Reviewing and responding to social media inquiries
  • Reviewing and reporting on performance for paid directory listings.
  • Reviewing and posting valuable content to your website
  • Reviewing and posting valuable c...
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Setting Up a GoFundMe

Everyday there are reports on the news that include a ‘GoFundMe’ –  a page where people try to raise money online for themselves or others.

I’ve run a few campaigns – for myself and others needs. The latest is a fundraiser-in-progress for a family in Puerto Rico.

Here’s a few basic steps to set up a GoFundMe that go beyond just ‘setting up a page’:

  • To start, you will need an email address, your bank account routing and account number, cell phone, address, phone number, and about 10 minutes to set up an account.
  • You will need to verify your email address and phone number via text message.
  • You will need to continue is 2-3 compelling paragraphs with a story that motivates to donate.
  • Once it’s all set up you will need to do many many updates on GoFundMe and Facebook, send out a slew of emai...
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Branding Yourself with a Personal Professional Website

What direction is your expertise flowing in?

Ever think about starting a website for you personally? Everyone is an entrepreneur. Whether you work from home, place & service vending machines, run a fashion line, sell real estate for a big company, or run your own multimillion dollar enterprise, you are an entrepreneur.  For those who have their own company or function as a sole proprietor,  branding yourself online comes with the territory, but for those who work for commercial lenders, real estate companies, retail banks, or sales training companies, branding yourself online is vital!

Starting your own website is a very inexpensive way to demonstrate your expertise to a global audience...

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Building Your Facebook Business Page Interest

There are several things you can do to build Facebook Business Page Interest and Stand Out from the ‘Stream of Chaos’ known as the Facebook Newsfeed:


  • Your company needs a banner with a call-to-action as it’s timeline header imag
  • Your company content should be entertaining, informative and inspiring.
  • Your company should ‘comment as’ and be sure to share posts with yourself on different days.
  • Your company should observe posts that they and others respond to personally
  • Your company should assess what content is popular to their ‘best referrers’.
  • Your company should assess 3 competitors Facebook pages
  • Your company should discuss with partners (realtors, homebuilders, etc) joint strategies to package services in Facebook posts, i.e...
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