Doing a Full Backup

Emergencies can happen at any time. Do you have a backup of your computer?

Backing¬† up your data is something that is marketed by many different companies – ‘back it up to the cloud’ they say for $x dollars a month. These are excellent services for your data. But what about your entire computer?

We recently had a client who’s computer hard drive was crashing. It was fortunate that this client had a full ‘image’ of their computer saved on a backup drive.

An ‘image’ is a fully restorable backup of their computer saved in a format that a program such as Windows 10, Paragon Backup and Restore, etc can use to essentially bring you back-to-life and get you back where you were...

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Windows 10

Windows Update Fall 2017

A major Windows 10 Update is coming soon.

Windows 10 will have a new “Creators Update” available this fall. This update will be another major revision to Windows. You will need to pay attention to your Windows notifications. You should also set up a restore point now and back up all your major files. The update rolls out in October. ¬†Find out more at the Windows Blog.

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